Compliance Officer Effectiveness

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Ten ways to engage your healthcare compliance board committee.
Highly effective board committees know their oversight responsibilities. After a four-year investigation, Caremark pled guilty to felony mail fraud. The primary allegation was that the board failed to make reasonable inquiries and take appropriate action to prevent certain systemic compliance failures. Learn ten ways.

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Five steps for conducting an effective healthcare compliance investigation
You need to plan your investigation, conduct interviews, close the investigation and follow up. Basic, right? As always, these are nuanced steps. Here are the five steps for conducting an effective healthcare compliance investigation. Find out all five steps and get our Healthcare Compliance Investigations Checklist.

Healthcare Compliance Investigations Part 1 of 2

Five tips to start an investigation off right

  1. An investigation plan
  2. Retrospective and prospective elements of the issue
  3. Investigation interviews
  4. Documentation and retention methods
  5. Communication, corrective action, and follow-up
Get the five tips and download our Healthcare Compliance Investigations Checklist. 
Healthcare Compliance Officer Skills

Are you using all five power influence skills to improve your effectiveness?
An artful blend of law, medicine, policy, and training isn't enough. Effective healthcare regulatory compliance leadership requires a mix of influential and technical skills, work experience, and talent. Are you using the five skills Sharon recommends?

Listening Skills for Healthcare Compliance Officers

Strengthen your listening skills to improve your effectiveness as a healthcare compliance officer

  • Discriminative Listening
  • Sympathetic Listening
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Critical Listening

Learn critical listening skills...

Build Relationships Nursing, Physicians, Rev Cycle, IT, Sales and Marketing

Compliance is Everybody’s Business: Clinical, Revenue Cycle, IT, Sales and Marketing

Maximize your reach and influence by building strong relationships with your organization's key clinical and operational areas. Get Sharon's advice for influencing operations.

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