YouCompli Panel

Wednesday, April 26 at 11 am PT. (Live broadcast)

W16 - Creating and demonstrating the value of regulatory compliance and shaping a culture of compliance in healthcare

  • Brett Short, CHC, CHPC, CHRC, chief compliance officer, UK HealthCare / Univ of Kentucky, SCCE & HCCA board member
  • Lisa Herota, director of compliance & privacy, Vail Health
  • Maeve O’Neill, a behavioral health compliance officer who has worked in and consults with behavioral health organizations
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Compliance is not just a legal requirement in healthcare; it's important to providing safe, quality patient care.

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White paper: Best Practices for Creating a Strong Compliance Culture and Measuring its Impact 

Complete the form to receive our previous whitepaper on creating a strong compliance culture and ways to measure its impact, with advice from healthcare compliance experts. 


LinkedIn - 10 Tips for strong compliance culture - Jerry

10 Tips for Building a Compliance Culture in Healthcare

Demonstrate the value of healthcare compliance. 10 tips for leaders to successfully shape culture to help the larger organization better manage and control risk.


Show the benefits of investing in your healthcare regulatory compliance program

The Situation – Background-Assessment-Recommendation (SBAR) technique can help you make the case for investment in healthcare regulatory compliance.

Download key metrics for healthcare compliance metrics

12 key metrics for compliance officers looking to move their culture forward

Culturally impactful metrics emphasize getting healthcare compliance officers in the right rooms – ahead of regulatory change or organizational growth.


Five ways to show how healthcare Compliance delivers value

Healthcare compliance officers deliver value through regulatory change management to their organizations. Quantify that value and demonstrate it to leadership.

Brian Kozik - Lessons Learned Healthcare Compliance Mistake

A million-dollar healthcare compliance monitoring mistake

Avoid this million-dollar monitoring mistake. Help clinical colleagues apply their expertise to your scalable, repeatable healthcare compliance processes.

DOJ Guidance Shawn DeGroot March 2023

New DOJ Guidance on Compliance Programs Released March 2023

Healthcare organizations should benchmark the DOJ Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs (ECCP) guidance (March 2023) to assess their compliance program.

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Failure to comply can cost you millions and risk reputational ruin, you can’t afford uncertainty.

You need more than “updates”– you need a way to create confidence out of the chaos.

YouCompli is the ONLY compliance solution that not only monitors all regulatory changes but also transforms them into a change management solution, specifically for healthcare

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YouCompli is the simple healthcare compliance solution with baked-in legal analysis and expert tools.

This combination of regulatory intelligence and software helps healthcare organizations manage risk and reduce the impact of regulatory changes.

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